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Fascinated by photography as a child, my father was a photographer from Armenia, I started taking photos first on film and then moving to digital technology. I studied photographic art and experimented with photography. Artistic by nature, I was drawn to all different kinds of art. I also studied music, drawing, dance. I became a professional violinist and it was this creativity that formed my romantic vision of the surrounding world and aesthetic taste, exactingness to the high quality and attention to details.  Despite the fact that I always took photos, my photographer story began while working as a Master of Wedding Ceremonies in Russia. A truly great experience and introduction into the romantic world of weddings. With my newlyweds I helped organise their wedding day, going through all the stages of preparation, sharing their joy and excitement, realizing this was one of the most important days in their family life. Communicating with hundreds of newlyweds I became more and more convinced that each couple deserved a separate page in history because each couple is unique and each has a vision of their wedding and dreams of the future. Over time, I was inspired to write these stories through photography to show the families of my wonderful couples the emotions they felt on this day, how happy the newlyweds were, how beautiful the bride was in her dress. So began my journey as a wedding photographer. 

I am always sincere with my clients; I believe that next to the bride and groom on their wedding day are the most loved family and friends, the dearest people to the newlyweds. Those who are present to witness this event will support them in their happy life together on this day and in their future. I myself was a bride and I understand what the newlyweds feel.

I’m quite new in Australia, but I have already received support and appreciation for my photographic art, with recognition from the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA). I was chosen as the official photographer by ABIA for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Bridal Industry Awards of SA and VIC, which was a great honor for me.

Now I'm focused on photography and violin art (I'm a concert musician and a teacher). Why I do this? Well, these are things that I would do even if I hadn't be paid for it.

This is my creative expression.

My photography style


I like to capture moments as they are; I choose the best angles and compositions, so that your wedding photography is still a fine art, conveying your real wedding events in a natural, relaxed and most importantly enjoyable way.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your special event.

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